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“Don’t Tell Me How To Run My Business!”

Can you sit back and be objective about your business? So often people take things personally as if you are trying to tell them how to raise their kids.We don’t like it!

On this week’s webinar David Lee will ask you to “step out of your body”and look at your business the ways others do. Do you think that it possible to know everything about everything? You would be the first in history to do so! Many of your questions will be answered.

How should I speak when intoducing myself to a prospect?

What am I doing wrong when a house seller doesn’t get back to me?

What’s wrong with my website?

Why do my leaflets get such a low or unqualified response?

Why do I spend so much time networking for so little return?

What is wrong with my newpaper or online advertising?

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And Finally…Passion2Profit UK

27th – 28th June 2015

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Don’t miss this David’s upcoming Passion2Profit Business, Sales and Marketing Workshop (not seminar) in London this coming 27th-28th June, 2015. Limited places all for the cost of a book purchase @ £21.99 for the most comprehensive business workshop for property and general business entrepreneurs!

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