Taking It To The Streets

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Taking It To The Streets

Practice what you preach! When working with Rick Otton and we proposed ‘Ugly Marketing’ campaigns to buy and sell property in the UK, we were told bluntly, “That won’t work here…we’re British.” Just how different do you really think people are in countries like the United States, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa from those in the United Kingdom?

Being at the forefront of change, I remember vividly when I was what seemed to be the only person implementing strategies like “rent to own”, “rent to buy”, “lease options” , “sandwich options” and “instalment contracts”. You could look these terms up all day long on Google UK and all you would find would be some property investor forum discussion on how the strategies and marketing methods couldn’t work.

Today, you will find these strategies now being used widely and ugly marketers in your local area down the main street, at car boot sales, standing outside railway stations, and so on.

In the words of notable world economist, Harry Dent Jr, “Let’s talk to the people who are doing things earlier. If you listen to what most people are listening to on the news, you are going to miss it!”

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