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“My goal for you is to give you the best training possible, make
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My goal for me is to free up my time and live the lifestyle
that is widely preached but not always practiced!”

– David Lee, The Cash Flow Investor

Where Else Can You Learn To Build Your Own

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Presentations, Implement Simple Low-Cost

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IT Consultant

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…Most Small Businesses Look Like This!


Take Control Of Your Business

With My Online Training System!

I made the decision a few years ago about what my professional time was worth. I wanted just a few, high paying clients that I could focus my attention on. However, I wanted to give back by helping as many people as possible if they are just starting out or struggling with their small business.

That’s why my Online Training System exists. People need help today and they are running a very tight budget whilst juggling so many things at once. Does this sound like you? You may not even realise it in your effort to keep things afloat, but your very actions could be harming your bottom line instead of helping it!

For a fraction of what I charge my clients with one-on-one consultations I have assembled my professional expertise that I guarantee will make you more effective in being seen, heard and understood in public. Provided you have that product or service that people are looking for then I will show you how to make their search easier to find you.

Having developed small businesses for myself and others for many years now it is highly likely I have experienced the most common challenges you will encounter:

Fear of the unknown

Starting out all alone with all your self-doubts

Learning new skills that didn’t come with a job

Being taken seriously when you don’t have all the answers

Didn’t graduate from entrepreneurs school (if one exists)

Torn between fear and procrastination

Working with a limited budget and major goals

In order to avoid “information overload” I have deliberately staggered your learning and implementation experience. Each week for 52 weeks you will have the time to consume what has taken me a lifetime to learn, often the hard way! You will get practical demonstrations of what you can be implementing over the duration of the training. Take a look below how I have carefully segregated the various instructional categories.


My Online Training System

Read Below For A SUMMARY ONLY Of The

Hundreds Of Hours Training That’s Included

In Each Of The Seven Categories Below


1. Challenge

Online Product Creation. Even if you don’t have a product, let me demonstrate how you can create one online through webinars. I have used this strategy for years to connect with people live or through webinar recordings that last forever! I will walk you through step-by-step exactly what I do that you can do too!

Build Your Own Websites. Do you know that even a basic website can cost you several hundred pounds? Most of them are developed by people who have little or no marketing expertise at all. You will find in most cases that such a website is has not been secured against hacker sabotage. Through a series of videos I show you how to do it for yourself in a matter of 2-3 hours only.

30-Day Challenge. You need to make yourself accountable for your actions. Some people wisely get an accountability partner for this. However, what if you don’t even know what it is you need for getting started. I will outline those tasks that you need to commit to. Simple tasks…yet will you do them?

Mind Your Language. I have seen it so many times before! The words you employ can either be your friend or enemy in the process of persuasion and negotiation. I want you to hear a breakdown analysis that stops any aimless ramblings that you may call “selling”.

Website Assessment. “But I am following the system David?” You may well think you are following instructions, but in this video analysis I examine how we can not see things the way others do when it comes to having a simple and effective website that works!

Click ‘Play’ to hear from Henry Oranugo, Bristol

2. Rent2Own Series

Topic 1 – Define Your Strategy. Understand what business you are in and how mindset will make or break you outcome.

Topic 2 – Apply Your Tactics. Getting out there to be seen, heard and understood.

Topic 3 – Overcoming Rejection. Mostly this boils down to what you say and how you say it. We cover talking over the phone, in person, and walking people through the process.

Topic 4 – Fighting The Enemy. You will find out who the enemy is that’s been holding you back in the past. I demonstrate with a ‘live’ example of how to control the conversation and the words I choose.

Topic 5 – Doing The Numbers. Do you you your entry and exit strategy? I give you my exact thought processes to back up my 3-second formula. We start talking about the different strategies that we have at our disposal.

Topic 6 – Legal Matters 101. By the end of this topic you will know how I put together the various paperwork that the masses at the time said ‘wouldn’t work in the UK’ and why you will know more on the subject than most legal people out there.

Topic 7 – Financial Affairs. Discover how the banking system works here in the UK, but more importantly what’s happening in the world today. Having studied the world economy for the last 20 years you will avoid going to slaughter like what normally happens with ‘herd mentality’.

Topic 8 – Instalment Contracts. I will take you behind the scenes on how I put them together. On this call the pieces of the puzzle finally dropped for the attendees, leaving them in no doubt just how powerful this strategy will be in the upcoming years ahead.

Click ‘Play’ to hear from Peter, South London

3. Property

Instalment Contracts Discussion. Over several trainings I walk through how this property strategy varies from a traditional contract of sale. Most of the common questions people ask are also addressed in this series.

How To Talk To An Estate Agent. I had heard it too many times to count that I invited an estate agent onto a live call with me. He new nothing about the property systems that I had co-created for the United Kingdom, and that was the purpose of the call. My guests listened in as I asked question after question to my guest who was very accommodating in his responses. I had handled all the so-called objections before they even became objections just by knowing what to say and how to say it.

Lease Option Calculator. There is a lease option and instalment contract calculator so you can work out your cash flow from the relevant transaction type.

Joint Ventures With Seller. This is the ideal cash flow scenario where you have zero financial commitment into the transaction, yet your knowledge from the Rent2Own Series can financially benefit everyone in the sale of the property by assisting the seller to sell.

How To Talk To Buyers/Sellers. Once you know how to talk to buyers and sellers effectively, then the transaction strategy becomes much less complicated in comparison. You will save a fortune from this as the costs of getting it wrong means your start all over again learning the hard way…from your own mistakes!

Property Marketing. I’m sorry, but the [COPY]+[PASTE] method of property marketing just doesn’t work over time, especially in different areas and in different times in the market cycle. You need to develop a marketing plan whereby you know intimately your local market. This is covered in detail here.

Click ‘Play’ to hear from Danny Unthank, Redcar

4. Marketing

Getting Your Business Online. Here I get an absolute beginner to demonstrate how she started building an online presence from scratch. Because she was so young she had no life experience of what couldn’t be done, and just went ahead and did things under instruction.

David’s Top 10 Software Tools. I have worked online for years now and along the way I used a variety of online tools to make my life easier and save me a whole lot of time and money. This is called leverage and you must leverage yourself as much as possible. This training lesson will make you more productive than what you currently are with your computer.

Property Investors And The Internet. Here I talk specifically about using the internet effectively for anything to do with property investment. I invite my friend and Internet Coach, David Cavanagh, to explain how simple this can be when you know how.

Click ‘Play’ to hear from Jason Kerr, London

5. Communication

Words That Work. Do you want to spend an absolute fortune on advertising and marketing just because you think you’re a good speaker? People don’t believe you in case you haven’t figured that out yet! So therefore, you are starting out your conversation based upon everything that comes out of your mouth is a big, fat lie! This training will help you greatly turn the odds back in your favour if you have something to sell.

Words From The Wordsmith. In these videos I have invited my friend and world renown copywriter, Alan Forrest-Smith, to speak about just how important the right words are and what a difference they can make to your sales conversions.

Creating Your Outcome Card. Meet my world famous guest, Joel Bauer, who will reveal one of the most simple, yet powerful psychological tools you can create that will keep you on path with your desired goals. It will be your accountability partner in your pocket that you will answer to every time you need to make an important decision.

The Question Behind The Question. Do not miss this! No matter which business you are in you can expect objections from potential customers. They will question you and not always believe what tell them. But what is the real question behind the question they are asking? Unless you know then you will not know how to give them the real answer they are looking for.


6. Economy

Understanding The World Economy. How would it be if you had a crystal ball and could see the global economic future? You had forewarning of what would be growth industries and what would be declining industries. You would know how to modify your investment planning. I have assembled a series of videos where I prove how I have done this for over 20 years now. What would that be worth for you to know too?

The Economy And Your Business. If you think your business is immune to what’s going on econmically outside the UK, have I got news for you! Yet I must confess that my experience tells me that the vast majority of small business owners have zero insight as to what’s really going that will affect them. Unless you know how to read the warning signals then, unfortunately, what you read in the newspapers and hear on the television will not be able to help you.

The New Depression. The media and government want you to believe in a recovery. Do you really know what economic forces are in place now that can not be avoided by any government or financial institution. Most people are driving head first towards an economic cliff and when they reach the edge it may well be too late to change course. I demonstrate how I have been preparing for today’s economy for a long time now. Have you?


7. General Business

What Is An Entrepreneur? What is the difference between a small business owner and a small business entrepreneur? A BIG difference! If you have simply traded in your job working for someone else for a job working for yourself doing all the same activities and more…then you are missing the point! Joined by a couple of guests, we will discuss how an entrepreneur looks to build a business that does the work so that he or she can have it run independently or his/her presence.

Building A Real Business. How would you like a business in a box that you simply opened and it was all done for you? Me too! Except…it doesn’t exist! Building a business requires work, comitment, effort, dedication, perseverance, passion and persistency. You want a real business, so you need to know the real steps required to create one.

Think Like An Entrepreneur. The traits of an entrepreneur are radically different to the lay person. Quite often you have to do the exact opposite to most in order to succeed. That’s not always easy at first. Let me give you an insight into what it really takes to take on the world!

Think And Grow Rich. In this live presentation I walk through my own journey that includes the challenges and and successes that I went through. In many ways we as small business entrepreneurs follow a common path, so that my journey is much like the journey of others and probably much like yours will be if just starting out.

Hiring Outsource Staff. As a systems person I have seen why having outsource workers ends badly, and what you can do to reduce or eradicate these typical problems. It sounds exciting paying for overseas labour to do the work at a fraction of the cost of someone local, but knowing what I know will save you much money and a good piece of your sanity!

Women In Business. I have several awe-inspiring business women that I would like you to meet as they relay their success stories. In the words of Mary Kay, “A man is not a plan.” These training models will uncover exactly what those words mean.

So What Is 25 Years Life Experience Worth

When You Remove The Guesswork And Focus

On What Works In Practice And Not In Theory?

Rent2Own Series

“Realistically, What’s It Worth?”

£60,000+…Over 200 hours at my rate of £300/hour?

£17,000…Average profit from one of my house deals?

£2,000…Savings from your marketing mistakes?

£1,000…Buying a website that doesn’t work

£2,000…Hiring outsource staff incorrectly vetted

What I am displaying above are mostly conservative numbers. Imagine on top of that all the frustration that we all go through the first time with no mentor to guide you. I can keep you out of trouble if you want me to hand hold you in person at my hourly rate. Or, and this is my preferred option too, I can give you the exact same information that you can play and replay many times over with my Online Training System.

Let Me Make It Easy For Both Of Us!

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Just take a look over each of the business categories that I can cover: Startup Challenges, Rent2Own in Property, General Property, Marketing, Communication, Economy and General Business! I am continously updating my Online Training System. If I think our session together would benefit others, I would ask your permission to include it in the Online Training System too.

I am not a charity, but this is really my way of giving back, which is the ethos my mentors passed on to me. Look below at this consultation with one of my clients who had previously spent hundreds of pounds, much time and frustration with website developers.


If I can help you improve your current business bottom line today then perhaps down the road sometime you too may even decide that I can move your business to become even more profitable! Isn’t that what we both really want for your business?

You can use your one hour of consultation at anytime during the 52 weeks of online training. If you have any doubts about how I can help you, then why don’t you just come and see for yourself at my Passion2Profit UK business training weekend?

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