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“My goal for you is to give you the best training possible, make
you independent of me, and not to bleed you out of your last penny!

My goal for me is to free up my time and live the lifestyle
that is widely preached but not always practiced!”

- David Lee, The Cash Flow Investor

Do You Want To Learn Rick Otton’s

“How to Buy a House for £1″ Systems

Strategies That We Co-Developed For

The United Kingdom Since 2003?

You may know me as the person that developed the UK cash flow property systems alongside Rick Otton that removes the need to borrow mortgage money from the banks in order to invest in investment property. You may only have heard of some of these strategies, now included in the Rent2Own Series category:

  • Lease Options, or “rent to own” and “rent to buy”

  • Sandwich Options

  • Instalment Contracts, or Delayed Completions

  • Assisted (Seller) Sales

  • Second Mortgage Carry Backs

We were the pioneers of these systems to the general public when most property investors and experts thought, “What’s the point when we can get a mortgage?” We were ahead of the rest who could only imitate the business systems and processes several years after we implemented them. So, do you want to learn from someone that helped pioneer these systems into the UK or someone that we taught?

The Rent2Own Series Is Just The

First Of Five Business Categories

Spanning A Whole 12 Months!

Having lived and breathed the development of each succeeding strategy I walk you and the audience through each step along the way. Remember, when I started out we had no UK system in place, so what I do is to take you through the logical sequence that I went through to make this work for me.“What’s the point when we can get a mortgage?” We were ahead of the rest who could only imitate the business systems and processes several years after we implemented them.

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Your Every Question Answered With

The Rent2Own Training Series

Over the years I have encountered every situation that you will ever come across. I know that property investors have been conditioned to think in terms only of lease options to the detriment of more appropriate strategies that Rick and I introduced after lease options. What is also overlooked are the constantly changing market conditions and how to accordingly adopt the best strategy to fit. That’s the difference between hearing it from somebody that has a much more far-reaching understanding than just simply say “let’s lease option everything!”

With the Rent2Own Training Series you are getting the BIG PICTURE as well as the in-depth detail with over SIXTEEN WEEKS of streamed online video training include:

  • Buying on instalment contracts or options and why

  • Selling on instalment contracts or options and why

  • When to use the assisted sale strategy as an alternative

  • Understanding the global economy and how it affects you

  • Objection handling from buyers and sellers

  • How to market from start to finish and keep the process flowing

  • What things to say and what definitely not to say

  • Any and every legal issue that you are likely to ask

  • How to structure a transaction and what to look out for

  • And all of your newbie questions (which are 99% all the same)

  • 8 Different Topics

    16 Recorded Sessions

    75-90 Minutes Weekly

    Plus Bonus Sessions

    Everything Covered!

    Topic 1 – Define Your Strategy. Understand what business you are in and how mindset will make or break you outcome.

    Topic 2 – Apply Your Tactics. Getting out there to be seen, heard and understood.

    Topic 3 – Overcoming Rejection. Mostly this boils down to what you say and how you say it. We cover talking over the phone, in person, and walking people through the process.

    Topic 4 – Fighting The Enemy. You will find out who the enemy is that’s been holding you back in the past. I demonstrate with a ‘live’ example of how to control the conversation and the words I choose.

    Topic 5 – Doing The Numbers. Do you you your entry and exit strategy? I give you my exact thought processes to back up my 3-second formula. We start talking about the different strategies that we have at our disposal.

    Topic 6 – Legal Matters 101. By the end of this topic you will know how I put together the various paperwork that the masses at the time said ‘wouldn’t work in the UK’ and why you will know more on the subject than most legal people out there.

    Topic 7 – Financial Affairs. Discover how the banking system works here in the UK, but more importantly what’s happening in the world today. Having studied the world economy for the last 20 years you will avoid going to slaughter like what normally happens with ‘herd mentality’.

    Topic 8 – Instalment Contracts. I will take you behind the scenes on how I put them together. On this call the pieces of the puzzle finally dropped for the attendees, leaving them in no doubt just how powerful this strategy will be in the upcoming years ahead.

    More Than Just Property…

    Your Online Training Covers

    Much More When It Comes To

    Your Business Education!

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    Let me make it very clear! You are investing in a 12 month business training system that also includes the additional categories of Marketing, Communication, the World Economy and General Business (refer video above).

    If you happen to be a property investor, what I have observed over the years is that for many beginners they just talk about doing deals! In any business, you need a well-rounded education and level of understanding in each of the above-mentioned categories to compliment your specialised industry knowledge. You need to stop thinking like you are working for the boss and start thinking like the boss!

    Perhaps you feel like you are faced with sometimes insurmountable challenges when starting up or successfully running a small business. Whatever challenges you face, they probably don’t require changing the encrusted conventions of a whole country like the challenge that I faced back in 2002 when I started my property business! I know exactly the challenges facing any small business, having had to face them myself. In that time I have probably experienced what lies ahead in your upcoming path:

    Fear of the unknown

    Starting out all alone with all your self-doubts

    Learning new skills that didn’t come with a job

    Being taken seriously when you don’t have all the answers

    Didn’t graduate from entrepreneurs school (if one exists)

    Torn between fear and procrastination

    Working with a limited budget and major goals

    Like your journey ahead, I had to overcome all of these challenges as I developed my own team, eventually found trusted business partners, and achieve the realisation of being financially independent in the process!

    The biggest reasons why so many small businesses fail in the first 12 months and beyond is due to a lack of skills and awareness of the ingredients of success. People often blame a lack of financial capital, but I put it more down to a lack of intellectual capital that anyone can learn…if they are willing to!

    If You Are Self Employed Then

    You Are Running A Small Business!


    IT Consultant

    Property Investor


    Shop Retailer

    Estate Agent


    Independent Consultant



    Motor Garagist

    Mortgage Broker

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    So What Is 25 Years Life Experience Worth

    To You When I Show You How To Buy A House

    For £1 And Have You Avoid A Multitude Of

    Costly Mistakes In Your Small Business?

    Rent2Own Series

    “Realistically, What’s It Worth?”

    £29,997…Over 200 personal hours video training?

    £14,997…Average profit from one house only?

    £9,997…Savings from your costly business mistakes?

    £4,997…Property calculators/contracts included?

    £497…Savings incurred through automation?

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    Who Would Argue, Especially Where Live

    Trainees Reached Their Financial Targets,

    That My Life Experience And Specialised

    Knowledge Are Worth To You At Least…



    Time-Sensitive Offer Subject To Change Without Notice

    These Days I Charge My Time

    Out At £300 Per Hour, But You

    Can Get My Undivided Attention

    On Your Property Problem For FREE!

    You go through my step-by-step online training, replay it over and over again, go out and do the assignments and homework, and have an hour of my time when you are ready to put your first transaction together!

    I will help you construct the transaction, evening speak to prospective buyers, sellers, estate agents, solicitors or anyone that involved in the transaction! I have done this many times before since 2003 in the United Kingdom as I was creating and implementing Rick Otton’s systems from scratch.

    Now you have a lifeline to make sure the things you can’t see are reviewed by someone who can. I was the person on the other end of the phone when today’s UK gurus were doing their first transactions. Don’t run the risk of taking shortcuts when it comes to this, as those shortcuts have a tendency to come back and bite you where it hurts!

    You can use your one hour of consultation at anytime during the 52 weeks of online training. Just look at some of the photos taken over the last few years at various stages of the transaction involving lease options, sandwich options, instalment contracts. Experience certainly counts for something!

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