How To Buy A House For £1

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How To Buy A House For £1

It’s our 10th anniversary! It’s hard to believe that 10 years has flown by since Rick Otton and myself ventured out to change the face of the property world in the United Kingdom.

Since the banking crisis of 2008 it seems the whole of the property investor world has been turned on its head. It used to be that the default scenario was to borrow money from the bank, get same-day refinancing on your deposit, then go out and do it all again. The only skill that was needed was to watch the property values skyrocket over time!

At this year’s Zero-Debt Property Conference 2013, Rick will cover all the strategies that we introduced, and what’s coming next! This will include instalment options, plus the new and simple English suite of contracts for each strategy. Those attending will get a copy for themselves to take to the local legal practitioner.

Last year’s conference sold out six weeks in advance, and 2013 looks like it will follow suit. Don’t think you can leave your decision until the last minute. There is a £200 discount if purchased before April 14th, so expect a rush for tickets just before that cut-off date. You will also qualify for all of my own personal bonuses, worth thousands of pounds!

Purchases made as a direct result of ordering from the website below will qualify purchasers to attend my Passion2Profit business transformation weekend in London this coming 18th-19th May 2013.

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