Bringing 25 Years Of Business

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Bringing 25 Years Of Business

If you want to fall for all the hype of the latest financial gimmick to separate you from your money, I can’t help you! Having been involved with small business development for the last 25 years, what I know is that business principles have little to do with a rock concert style stage presenter that can seduce your into thinking his “business in a box” just needs opening to seal your financial future.

It’s not sexy going out and making all the trial and error mistakes that I’ve made along the way, some of them costly, in order to bring a set of property tools to the attention of the masses. When it comes to the property systems that Rick Otton and I have implemented together, today’s experts using them have really learnt them from us! Some will acknowledge this  fact, while others prefer to have you think that they were self-made in their expertise…which is why I have collected video testimonials along the way.

This is why people come to the source of these matters because how is it possible to acquire the level of knowledge if all of the areas needed without much time and involvement that I have had over the years? Most businesses fail within the first 12-36 months…FACT! Why? Because running a business is VERY different to running a job! Whether it’s a property or internet business, the principles are still the same.

If you want to know the formula for transforming your small business, no matter whether it is property, internet, trades, retail, services, etc, David has a unique track record of helping people just like you. Passion2Profit is the culmination of all his experience combined with that of his business partners, like Rick Otton, David Cavanagh, Darren Stephens and Harry Dent.

That why David Lee, the Cash Flow Investor, can help you to have your business succeed and why he can drawn upon the best of the best as his pool of active resources!

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