Welcome To Hobbit House Manila!

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Click the Play icon to watch this short video. “You don’t understand David what it is like bringing up a family livng in a council house!” Maybe I don’t understand. But I understand what it is like to arrive in a new country, knowing no one, starting off with our last £50 in our pocket before I got my first week’s pay, living in an unfurnished house, sleeping on the floor…with 2 young children that needed placing in schools. Maybe I don’t understand. When I ask people in various 3rd-world countries, like the Philippines, if they receive : 1) Government welfare payments? 2) Free medical supplies? 3) Free health...

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Will You Do Whatever It Takes?

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Click the Play icon to watch this 76 second video. This 76-second Youtube has had millions of views since its Christmas release. Will New Year just bring more of the same in your life, or will your actions forever change it and the lives of those nearest and dearest to you? – The emotion transcends the words – The action transcends inspiration alone – The love transcends the money Don’t let another year of lame New Year’s resolutions pass you by once more. David Lee App creator pays off parents’ mortgage for Christmas (Try not to cry) Joe Riquelme, creator of Videoshop, decides there’s only one way to repay his...

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Start Small Think Big In 2015

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Click the Play icon to watch this short video. Start Small THINK BIG Case Study: Policarpio Street, Mandaluyong City, Manila, Philippines MANILA: Policarpio Street is home to around 30 families and all of them take Christmas lighting seriously, spending months to map out designs that make this small part of the capital of the Philippines a light show. Creating a Christmas wonderland – minus real snow, is a time-consuming job that starts in early August for some of the residents here. By December, their houses are decked out enough such that the neighbourhood has been christened “Christmas Town” by the Department of Tourism. The area also turns...

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CFI003: What’s Your Networking Strategy?

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  Click above/below for the video/audio broadcast versions with transcript below. Play in new window | Download Introduction Hello! This is David Lee. Today’s video training is called, “What’s Your Networking Strategy?” I’ve broken it down into three parts. Part one is “What’s The Goal?”, part two, “What To Say?”, and part three, “What Follow Up?” Let’s get started. Part 1: What’s The Goal? Now many people, especially in the United Kingdom, take advantage of live...

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CFI002: The Pains Of Making Change

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  Click above/below for the video/audio broadcast versions with transcript below. Play in new window | Download Introduction Hello! Welcome to today’s presentation, “The Pains Of Making Change”. This is a very real subject that I’ve seen for people that are looking to develop their own business. The pains that they actually go through and what holds them up in many cases. It’s broken into three parts, “Identifying The Pains”, part two, “Doing What The Majority Don’t”, and finally, part three,...

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CFI001: Becoming A Business 5-Percenter

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  Click above/below for the video/audio broadcast versions with transcript below. Play in new window | Download Introduction Hi! My name’s David Lee. Today’s topic is called, “Becoming A Business 5-Percenter”. Now I want to say that everything in this presentation is based on my experience seeing people wanting to develop their own business. I’ve broken it into three parts, “What Proportion Succeed”, “Where It Goes Wrong”, and finally, “How To Improve The Odds”. Let’s get...

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10 Years Later…Let’s Look Back At Our UK Beginnings

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In late 2002 I was working with our London legal firm to develop the initial Instalment Contract documents that were subsequently reviewed by a barrister to make sure they were legally compliant. Next in 2003 I ventured out to start buying and selling houses using the same paperwork. With mortgages relatively easy to obtain for me in those days I bought the houses outright with a mortgage, but on-sold them to buyers who couldn’t get finance. Now, EXACTLY 10 years later, you can see that Rick Otton and I were doing things that preceded other others by several years. This is why the whole “property world” came knocking on our doorstep in 2008, as they...

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My New Website Has Finally Arrived!

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Over the last few months I have been busy getting my new website developed and making changes that have been put on the backburner! There are so many things to address when putting out something new. Content has to be created, there are an array of technical issues to consider and be advised on. For example, just addressing the video compatibility on all of the devices and software today is a nightmare. What’s the change? Well I’m broadening my horizons beyond just property. As we enter into this economic downturn that I have forewarned you of over the last few years when the banking system would fail, I feel that it is more important than ever to STOP...

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Rick Otton interviews Nathan Baws

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With only a few weeks remaining before Rick Otton’s Zero Debt Property Conference in London, here is a interview that Rick has done with Nathan Baws. Last year Nathan got prime marketing space when he appeared with his colleague walking down Kensington shopping district with large, ugly yellow sandwich boards from shoulders down to their feet! Yet, less than 2 years ago Nathan had never heard of lease options or the creative ways that he has learnt from Rick Otton when he attended his first bootcamp in the United Kingdom. Nathan will be coming back to the next London conference as a real inspiration to those looking to follow in Nathan’s footsteps. In fact,...

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Long Stops, Exchange With Delayed Completions And Instalment Contracts

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When you sell in the conventional way it is typically over a “short stop” period of 28 days or less. In the case of where someone is having their home built it is common to exchange contracts with a delayed completion until construction is completed, or a “long stop”. This short/long stop terminology is all legal talk and not what your everyday person would ever understand. Imagine the looks you would get from someone if you suggested we have a “short stop” or “long stop” completion date! It’s for this reason that I asked our solicitor at the time to remove such jargon from the paperwork. But what we were doing back...

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