About Me

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, David migrated to the United Kingdom in 1994 with his wife and young family. During the early years David had a freelance consultancy business. This entailed assisting a variety of companies to update their business systems according to their changing needs.

It was during this time whilst running his own small business that he gained valuable experience in understanding the dynamics of how large business systems also worked. The biggest difference is that large companies just run a series of systems with a higher degree of complextity than a small business, yet the fundamentals are the same.

This continued for David until 2002 when he decided to start developing his own business further. It was at this time that he collaborated with a colleague, Rick Otton, to start introducing new business systems in the UK residential housing market. Together they developed and implemented a series of paperwork systems that broke the conventional standards of buying and selling. This was done in anticipation of a global financial crisis that David could foresee from his many years of research.

Up until the time when the banking crisis finally arrived in 2008 David had been implementing and refining these cash flow property systems. The key difference between the mainstream method where property is typically sold on a given day with the tranfer of title, David and Rick’s method allows for the transaction to take place over a protracted timeframe. Buyers move into the property under the existing title and mortgage until the time they can arrange financing with an approved lender. This creates greater flexibility in the transaction that worked in favour of the buyer and the seller under the right circumstances.

As you can imagine, taking any new idea to the marketplace can be a real challenge. In preparation for the widespread usage of these systems that followed from 2008, David had to develop his own business and business skills in other areas of business. Through first-hand experience David can claim to be well versed in the following areas: internet marketing, copywriting, consulting, mentoring, business branding, effective communications, world economics, public speaking and authoring.

In 2011 David decided to broaden his business clientele beyond just the property investment community as the dynamics of running a property small business where generically similar to running any small business. Just like the foundations of a large business are based upon that of a small one, the differences between one small business to the next are even more similar!

Apart from working with a select group of business clients, David decided to use his “Cash Flow Investor” brand to help anyone looking to invest in themselves to grow their own business, whether in property or general business. This David does on a one-to-many basis to help more people who would otherwise be excluded, simply due to what David charges on the open market for his consultancy services.

Therefore, if you are either starting out in business, already have a small business that needs help, or even thinking of starting a business you can get access to David through his books, exclusive small business weekend workshops or his online training resource.

The ethos of the “Cash Flow Investor” is to pass forward the same learning experience that all business entrepreneurs go through, but accelerated through the years of practical and proven knowledge of others, like David. All things being equal, you may even decide to become a client of David’s at a later date to grow your business even further under his guidance.